About Us

Riyada Management Consulting Co.

Riyada Management Consulting Co - RMC. incorporated in the State of Kuwait and offers a wide range of services, business consultancy and advisory to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Since its inception, the company has worked with several large institutions in the public and private sector, this gave the team a thorough and integrated picture of the nature of these institutions' work and the best ways of implementing consulting services and projects in light of institutional obstacles and resistance to change, which is the fundamental value of "RMC". The philosophy of RMC is about having our consultants doing their work as part of the beneficiary institution, to understand all their aspects and constraints. They will strive to complete their consulting projects not only to end them, but to see their results on the ground through the development of these institutions.

Our core principles are derived from our Islamic religion “strength and honesty,” with “strength” representing the professional advice that comes from our accumulated expertise and “honesty” representing the honest, transparent and clear advice.

What we offer?

We at RMC are specialized in preparing training courses, training seminars, workshops, programs, conferences, and in-house training. We deliver a wide range of cutting edge training courses that include strategy, management, leadership, finance, IRFS, Excel advanced financial reporting, project Management, business process management.

We at RMC provide business owners and management with corporate level advice on project/program management, project development model and decision gate requirements, project management office (PMO), corporate project execution and contracting strategies, project governance principles and project reviews, market analyses, cost-benefit analyses, sustainability and financial viability.

We also provide advice on projects methodologies and strategies, project execution plans, project organization, benchmarking, project control basis, cost and time management, risk management, expectation management.

RMC helps organizations develop optimal structures and processes for capitalizing on emerging opportunities and challenges, and recommend plans for achieving long-term business objectives. We at RMC offer tailored consulting services for a variety of company situations, on both organizational and structural changes within a business, as well as specialist subject areas within the fields of strategic planning, corporate performance, investment, finance, banking and risk management. We also support you in handling challenges of various development's projects by providing project planning and management in addition to training and coaching.

Who we Are?

  • DNA

    When someone asks “Who you are?”, our response is all about our core company values. Growth, Openness, Teamwork, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction, are all part of the Riyada Management Consulting Co's DNA. Whether externally, when we are client facing, or internally, with our employees, we apply our core values in everything we do. Put simply, that’s the ‘RMC’.

  • (i) Innovation Riyada

    The “why” of innovation is simple: change is accelerating and we don’t know what’s coming in the future, which means that we must innovate to both prepare for change, and to make change.


we abide by the religious and ethical standards of honesty and commitment.



we help collect data, analyze it to create information, and lead the market by intelligence.



we don’t provide a solution but we provide the ideal solution.

6 i


it is our creed that the only way to survive competition is through innovation.



we dig deep into the corporate culture of our clients, in order to provide the most suitable products and services.



we provide an independent and objective advice.


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