Management Consulting

Management Consulting

TAILORED, INDEPENDENT ADVICE Our management consultants provide independent advice and practical support to private sector companies, regulated industries, government departments and other public institutions. Our team will identify your unique drivers for change and work with you to develop the transformation programmes and projects that will deliver the greatest benefits to your organization.

From management systems implementation to business process re-engineering, corporate sustainability, strategy development and technology (IT/MIS/Degital) consulting, we bring together industry best practices and global standards to help companies improve their bottomline and transcend normal performance levels to achieve real excellence.



We understand strategy as a science used by leaders to solve problems, we deals with it as crafting tailor-made that are grounded in facts and common sense rather than pursuing generic visions or goals.

  • Strategy – taking a look today at the success factors of tomorrow.
  • Strategy – acting instead of reacting, shaping instead of administrating.
  • Strategy – answering the questions thrown up by the dynamics and complexities of competition.
  • Strategy – Strategy is not something which happens in the distant future – it begins with your next business step!




You cannot work strategically without innovations. Companies which look at the success factors of the future must always ask themselves what they want to do differently than their competitors. As a rule, doing something differently than the competition also means being the first to do something in your industry. In other words, being innovative: Developing new products and services, designing new processes, formulating new business models.

More than ever, organizations need to question their status quo, rethink their future business models and take action to stay at the top of their industry. Our experts at (RMC) will enable you to think the unthinkable and make it possible. Together we develop future-proof innovations and business models to drive actual change within your organization and create the basis for sustainable success.




Organization & Processes

 Designing and implementing efficient processes and organizations to ensure sustainable competitiveness and profitability are two of the most important and recurring management tasks. There are many situations which make changes necessary: New corporate strategies, changed business models and performance management concepts, corporate acquisitions or spin-offs, changing customer requirements, volatile markets, technological and demographic change, or changes in the value chains. 

The goal of change projects is always to create concrete improvements in performance, improvements which must be made measurable by clear cost, time and quality targets.


Change Management

To be successful in the long run, organizations must regularly critically assess the long-term viability of their strategies, business models, structures, performance management systems, processes, IT systems and methods of cooperation and continuously develop them. This often means that organizations, teams and employees have to break away from old and comfortable practices and think outside the box. However, we all know that people are naturally somewhat lethargic, prone to temporize and in need of stability. We only really change when we explicitly want to, can, are allowed to and, in the final analysis, must change.

Our change programs Cultural Change, Leadership Performance or Future Collaboration will help you make the transition from today to tomorrow.

We at (RMC) use our change know-how of ADKAR model from Proci and Kulber-Ross model to help you successfully complete projects such as strategy implementation, lean management initiatives, IT implementations or the introduction of a new performance management concept. To do so we dovetail the project perspective with daily operations and use target-based communication and change measures to sustainably increase the implementation strength of your organization, your teams and your employees.