Management Consulting

Management Consulting Services

TAILORED, INDEPENDENT ADVICE Our management consultants provide independent advice and practical support to private sector companies, regulated industries, government departments and other public institutions. Our team will identify your unique drivers for change and work with you to develop the transformation programmes and projects that will deliver the greatest benefits to your organization.

From management systems implementation to business process re-engineering, corporate sustainability, strategy development and technology (IT/MIS/Degital) consulting, we bring together industry best practices and global standards to help companies improve their bottomline and transcend normal performance levels to achieve real excellence.



We understand strategy as a science used by leaders to solve problems, we deals with it as crafting tailor-made that are grounded in facts and common sense rather than pursuing generic visions or goals.

  • Strategy – taking a look today at the success factors of tomorrow.
  • Strategy – acting instead of reacting, shaping instead of administrating.
  • Strategy – answering the questions thrown up by the dynamics and complexities of competition.
  • Strategy – Strategy is not something which happens in the distant future – it begins with your next business step!




You cannot work strategically without innovations. Companies which look at the success factors of the future must always ask themselves what they want to do differently than their competitors. As a rule, doing something differently than the competition also means being the first to do something in your industry. In other words, being innovative: Developing new products and services, designing new processes, formulating new business models.

More than ever, organizations need to question their status quo, rethink their future business models and take action to stay at the top of their industry. Our experts at (RMC) will enable you to think the unthinkable and make it possible. Together we develop future-proof innovations and business models to drive actual change within your organization and create the basis for sustainable success.




Organization & Processes

 Designing and implementing efficient processes and organizations to ensure sustainable competitiveness and profitability are two of the most important and recurring management tasks. There are many situations which make changes necessary: New corporate strategies, changed business models and performance management concepts, corporate acquisitions or spin-offs, changing customer requirements, volatile markets, technological and demographic change, or changes in the value chains. 

The goal of change projects is always to create concrete improvements in performance, improvements which must be made measurable by clear cost, time and quality targets.


Change Management

To be successful in the long run, organizations must regularly critically assess the long-term viability of their strategies, business models, structures, performance management systems, processes, IT systems and methods of cooperation and continuously develop them. This often means that organizations, teams and employees have to break away from old and comfortable practices and think outside the box. However, we all know that people are naturally somewhat lethargic, prone to temporize and in need of stability. We only really change when we explicitly want to, can, are allowed to and, in the final analysis, must change.

Our change programs Cultural Change, Leadership Performance or Future Collaboration will help you make the transition from today to tomorrow.

We at (RMC) use our change know-how of ADKAR model from Proci and Kulber-Ross model to help you successfully complete projects such as strategy implementation, lean management initiatives, IT implementations or the introduction of a new performance management concept. To do so we dovetail the project perspective with daily operations and use target-based communication and change measures to sustainably increase the implementation strength of your organization, your teams and your employees.



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Program and Project Management

Project Management Services

More than 75% of unmanaged projects are unsuccessful. Our Program/Project Management Services help organizations apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance .Our project managers will undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea while mitigate risk by planning for every contingency and keeping projects on target—and on schedule.

A project manager can get onboard at any stage of the project, but the biggest success comes when this manager works with the team from the onset of project analysis and estimation.






At RMC we are experts in leadership and stakeholder management as well as the planning, controlling and delivery of programs/projects. It is our job to take the stress out of project management on your behalf, ensuring that everything is done efficiently and effectively from start to finish within agreed timeless and cost.


Project management requires significant time, effort and resources. By hiring a consulting firm that specializes in project management, you are saving time and resources. At RMC, we are experts in project management, with years of experience of ERP and various IT/Digital projects. This experience and expertise enables us to help you deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest possible standards. whether you require resources long term or short term, RMC has the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.



Coordination of Team Work 

Our project manager will:

  • lead the project from analysis and scheduling to support of the released product;
  • determine the requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation;
  • create and maintain technical and project documentation;
  • perform team assessment and evaluation;
  • assign individual responsibilities within the team;
  • manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;
  • effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues.


Project and Program Management

RMC provides coaching services in the area of project and programme management, we can take on the project management of a project / program or a number of workstreams within the project or assist the current Project/Program Managers with the management of their projects, providing required guidance and advices.

To achieve consistently effective results, RMC uses experienced project/program management specialists, underpinned by well established methodologies that have been distilled from two decades of experience gained across the globe. Our methodologies are scaleable, structured and flexible and may be applied to new, existing or problematic projects or programmes.

Project / Programme Office (PMO) Establishment and Assistance

RMC can assist with the setup and manage the PMO solution, capable of enabling you to articulate and ‘measure’ the progress and performance of your project / program. We provide services of reviewing, evaluating, and designing a project management office and a framework (covering processes, responsibilities and tools) across the organization to provide control and manage risk.

Remote Project Management

Our project managers are able to control teams scattered all over the world. As the client, you can always follow the process easily using our daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the project.

Software Development Lifecycle Planning and Management

 RMC will avail individuals with specialized project-specific knowledge of systems development lifecycle (SLDC), to provide you with detailed development strategy and this include:

  • Understand the elements of successful software development
  • Implement pre-project planning including use of our pre-engagement checklists to ensure our time with you is impactful
  • Set the project vision including defining what to leave out, how to get executive sponsorship, set scope targets, and publicize plans and progress
  • Create a staffing plan including buildup, organization, and implement tools for areas like time accounting
  • Implement requirements development by identifying key end users, interviewing end users, building interface prototypes, and using storyboards/prototypes
  • At the start of the project, defining quality assurance practices including creating a QA plan for defect tracking, technical reviews, system testing, beta testing, and rules for release
  • Define a software architecture including the characteristics of a good architecture, notation, change scenarios/strategy, reuse of analysis, buy vs. build decisions, requirements traceability, and guides a well-staged delivery plan
  • Estimate the project including estimates by milestone targets and burn up/burn down tracking
  • Define the plan for requirements, detailed design, construction, test cases, user documentation, technical reviews, defect correction, risk management, project tracking, integration and release, and field proven strategies for achieving quality targets
  • Create a detailed design including requirements resolution and traceability, construction plan, correction of architecture defects, and testing plan
  • Program/construct the application including defining coding standards, rules for ensuring solid work across team members, daily builds, progress tracking, and a communication plan with customers and management
  • Implement and perform system testing including defining guidelines for test group support of daily builds and using an overall strategic approach to QA
  • Create and execute a software release plan including determining when to release and tracking of defect counts, defect density prediction/pooling/seeding/modeling
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IT and Digital Transformation

IT and Digital Transformation Services

Every era brings a new mandate for businesses operating in it. Within a decade, business focus has moved from assets to commerce, and now to the customer. Rapid technological and consumer evolution is pushing enterprises to be more intuitive, agile, and transparent – more Digital. Digitalization is changing business models and processes; making them increasingly customer centric. The fuel to this transformation is data, that’s driving insight led competitive differentiation.

The success of a transformation is heavily influenced by the changes in processes, structures and the behavior of the organization. As a result, these changes must be sustainably anchored, measurable and assessable. Strategy, business model, organizational and operational structure, cooperation models and last but not least performance management approach must be closely coordinated. 

We deal with IT and Digitalization beyond a project approach and weave digital into every element of the organization, helping your company achieve truly transformative results. We have deep expertise in every facet of digital, from strategy and organizational design to customer impact and scalable execution.


 Digital transformation initiatives can help enterprises:

  • Deliver high touch convergent experiences that are human, insightful, and data driven
  • Amplify efficiency and boost revenue from operations
  • Empower employees and boost workforce productivity and drive innovation
  • Reduce costs and risks with informed decision-making
  • Form closer partnerships with increased collaboration

However, digital transformation can be complex. (RMC) Mindful Thinking process, enables organizations to realize Digital Capital from business outcomes. In this approach, we consider the strategy and objectives as well as value chains and enablers of transformation. A holistic process, Mindful Thinking encompasses user profiling, journey mapping, digital audits, design engineering, rapid prototyping, and market testing – assessing a 360 impact on business.

Our digital transformation solutions help clients:

  • Simplify digital transformation and induce digital capabilities faster
  • Adapt to changing business landscape and scale at speed
  • Engineer next-generation products and services focused on the digital age
  • Transform digital experience, modernize the operational process, and mobilize business

Using a proven transition-state-based approach, the Transformation Framework provides an approach to plan, define and document transition states, and develop a comprehensive roadmap to manage the organization during the states of change.




Digital insights Rapid Prototyping

Digital insights driven business models are the truth of the customer-centric economy. However, identifying the possibilities hidden away in the tremendous amount of data is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations. As traditional analytical methods become obsolete, businesses need to reinvent the way they utilize data to glean actionable insights. (RMC) Digital Insights Services helps you:

  • Leverage cutting-edge data analytics solutions
  • Derive near real-time actionable insights
  • Discover innovative solutions to business problems
  • Drive informed decision making

Developing for competitive differentiation requires more than just an innovative idea, it requires organizations to deliver fast and deliver smart. Competitive advantage lies in the ability to bring ideas to life at the speed of light, gather and incorporate feedback, and accelerate time to market to morph into the next-gen of delivery ecosystem. Our rapid prototyping offering enables organizations to:

  • Inspire ingenuity by hyper accelerating idea-to-prototype process.
  • Share vision and opportunities for digital transformation with all the stakeholders.
  • Garner quick feedback, adapt, build, test, and deploy solutions.
  • Identify the best-of-breed concepts and deliver them with speed.
 Digital Experiences  Digital Enabled Application

Market dynamics are shifting at unprecedented rates, forcing organizations to respond to change with equal urgency. Technology has become central to digital businesses blurring the digital and physical worlds and enabling dynamic and complex interaction of people, businesses, and intelligent “things”. Organizations must embrace these forces of digital proliferation to create connected digital experiences, or risk becoming extinct. We enable organizations to:

  • Create digitally enhanced omnichannel experiences.
  • Amplify customer understanding using capabilities like IoT, analytics, and mobility.
  • Define path-to-purchase customer journey from awareness to decision.
  • Customize offerings using predictive analytics and recommendation engines.
  • Optimize and enhance interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Leverage Mindful Thinking approach to enhance efficiency and deliver Digital Capital faster.

Digital Enabled Application Services aim to empower organizations across the entire application life cycle. From design to building and managing the applications, our application services experts work with our clients to facilitate application-centric transformation.We enable organizations to:

  • Redesign enterprise architecture to accelerate digital capital creation.
  • Transform enterprise content management strategy to deliver highly contextual experiences.
  • Enhance omnichannel capabilities by leveraging latest technologies.
  • Design purpose built applications to resolve unique business problems.
  • Manage Migration and Integration processes to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Embrace open source technologies to create new, reliable, robust, scalable, and economical applications faster.
Legacy Modernization  Digital Platforms

One of the biggest challenges for CIOs today is to ensure technology and business process evolution are in sync and systems, people, and processes are future ready. Modernization delivers competitive advantages of agile business processes based on new technologies and architecture. It also helps mitigate risks and reduces the cost of ownership.We empower organizations to:

  • Reengineer business processes and accelerate development cycle by enabling innovation.
  • Tap in to the resource base of modern skill sets.
  • Drive higher ROI by improving business and operational efficiency.
  • Overcome application design limitations and support new business requirements.
  • Build an easy to adopt, low cost, secure, and scalable solution.

Digital Platforms empower organizations with information and interactions to hyper accelerate value creation. we work to adapt emerging technologies that enabling companies to become customer centric, frugal, insight driven. We build innovation systems through a process of Mindful Thinking to help our clients:

  • Focus on consistent & intuitive experiences: Link every journey, no isolations.
  • Built to adapt and scale: Take ‘one’ to ‘millions’.
  • Deliver with speed: Fast to market, key to winning the market.
  • Place users at the center of everything: And yet, treat every customer as ‘one’.


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Training and Coaching Services

RMC's coaching services help people develop their full potential and motivate them to contribute at their highest level, Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills – core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

RMC Training's coaching services provide managers, leaders, and employees with the skills and tools they need to develop their full potential and motivate them to contribute at their highest level. Effective coaching involves understanding people and behaviors, recognizing opportunities for personal and professional growth, and identifying practical, real-world ways they can adapt or adjust behavior for better results. Benefits to applying effective coaching techniques include: improved working relationships with direct reports, peers, immediate supervisors, and clients; enhanced teamwork; time efficiency; increased job satisfaction; conflict reduction; and increased organizational commitment.

The training courses offer you proficiency across a wide selection of professional development subjects and industry expertise in:

  • Administration
  • Business, Management & Strategy
  • Performance Management & Organization 
  • Business Process Management
  • Finance & Investement
  • Project and Program Management
  • SLDC & Digital Transformation
  • EXCEL Advanced Financial Reporting & IRFS
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What makes RMC the best choice for your organization?

We speak human.

We don’t clutter our communication with consultant-speak designed to make your issues appear more complex than they really are. We prefer to keep our language and our solutions friendly, simple and effective.

We are experienced professionals.

With RMC, you are not just hiring another consulting company, you are partnering with experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations. We provide effective workplace education that is grounded in years of successful projects and delivered services, not opinion or personal preference.

We care about your business.

YES, we really do! At RMC we don’t just get to know your business, we take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help your company reach its potential. We personally invest ourselves in each and every project we work on. to increase productivity, efficiency, and to design and deliver the appropriate services thus fit your needs.

We are Prepared.

We are extremely knowledgeable about management consulting, business planning, project and program management, Financial solutions, digital transformation as well as modern coaching and training trends. Whether you are looking for business consultancy services, corporate strategic planning, enhancing corporate performance, defining and executing process and procedures, setting up business process management automation, making solutions selections or Implementations, planning projects and manage them, looking for advanced and effective training on financial modeling and analysis using Excel, you can be sure that RMC people are educated, ready and having the ability to meet your needs.

We are flexible, agile and cost-effective.

Because we are a small firm, we are also responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with a speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can’t match.

We get to know our customers.

We at RMC believes that excellent consulting services starts with getting to know our customers. We want to know all about your vision for your company, what challenges you’re facing and what unique goals you might have. Then, together, we can plan effective next steps.

We are committed to quality.

We don’t settle for anything but the best. We’ve worked hard to find the best ways to provide our clients with excellent and affective consulting services at reasonable prices without sacrificing a bit the quality of these services. Our reputation is our continuity.

We do more than just deliver a service.

RMC does more than just deliver our consulting services to you. We also make sure that the resources in your organization know exactly how they use these services, why they need them. We will make sure you’re set up for success before our work is done.